Smidly Sneakers - Smoothest on the Sphere

At Smidly, we create unique sneakers that look great and feel good too. We are changing the narrative that sneakers need to be strapped on for athletic events and feats of strength.

How about a smooth, comfortable sneaker that feels like a warm pair of slippers but looks great when you wear it around town?

We are proud to introduce a new idea to the world of comfort and style, the leisure sneaker. Lace them up or wear them loose. When your work day is over and it's time to relax, slip on a pair of Smidly sneakers.

Want the latest and greatest record breaking athletic shoe technology? Uh, well, better keep searching the interweb. That's not our jam. We just have really comfortable, casual sneakers that look pretty slick.

A vacation for your feet, the leisure sneaker that might even win you a few style points.

Life is short, wear a nice pair of shoes.