About Smidly Sneaker Company

Clean lines and blatantly bold colors give Smildy a distinct look and energy. Soft and luxurious interior make Smidly sneakers feel like comfy slippers.

Clocked out and kicked back is our happy place. Relax and savor the slow lane. Unique and comfortable sneakers that can be worn around the house or around town.

Leave the 10ks and the gym sessions to the other guys. When the work and stress is over, slip on a pair of Smidly sneakers. Our proprietary design offers comfort, style and durability.

We make shoes that make people smile. When you put on a pair of Smidly sneakers, your entire mood changes. When it's time to relax, go with the alpha of cool sneakers - the Smidly classics.

We want people to be comfortable and look sharp. We make feet happy one pair at a time. Learn what it means to have a comfortable pair of Smidly sneakers.

Think of an 18 year old single malt scotch that you wear on your feet. Smooth, cozy and way cooler that the IPA your friend is sour facing.